Breast Cancer Awareness with Scentered X Coppafeel!

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Did you know that only 36% of young women, aged 18-35, regularly check their boobs? (*CoppaFeel! Research 2020)

The lovely folk at Scentered have joined forces with Coppafeel! to encourage more young people to be aware of the early signs of breast cancer. Knowing your own body, understanding how to check yourself and most importantly, doing it regularly are all ways to catch any potential changes early. You’re never too young to start checking and Scentered want it to help promote that message!

So when they got in touch I was more than happy to help spread that word too. Some of you might remember I had a bit of lumpy boob scare myself last year. I wrote about in here.

Join the #BoobSquad

Scentered and Coppafeel have launched the #Boobsquad initiative to encourage women to talk about their boobs, how to check them and really open up the conversation around breast cancer.

“By creating your own #boobsquad of your closest friends and family, you can create your very own support network. Within your #boobsquad, make a pledge to remind each other to check yourselves every month. It’s as simple as that!” – Scentered X Coppafeel!

You can join up on the website where there’s a fun quiz, products that help contribute towards Coppafeel! and you can sign up to the newsletter for reminders and updates.

Shop the Scentered Range…

Scentered® is a mindfulness lifestyle brand that has created a unique Wellbeing Ritual, that teaches people how to use the power of the sense of smell as a tool to direct thoughts, emotions and actions to help live happier lives. 

Their line of 100% natural, essential oil-based Aromatherapy Balms, Candles, Hair Care and Body Care products provide portable solutions to support mindfulness everyday. 

Scentered’s range of plant-based aromatherapy products are uniquely blended from the finest ingredients sourced around the world. When applied to your pulse points, the balms provide an instant, personal sensory experience, whilst our candles create a shared sensory experience through ambience and mood-setting.

Why not head to the website and check out the whole range.

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