Spring Look Book – The New LBD

Yeah the little black dress (LBD) there’s not much you can say about it, or many ways it can be reinvented surely? WRONG! This casual, edgy take on the LBD is doing serious things for me. From the minute I slipped this on I felt sassy AF. This versatile beauty is from Fashion World and let me tell you, your wardrobe is crying out for it. I promise. 

Firstly it’s the lacing detail. It’s pretty damn awesome! 
It really would have helped though if I’d ironed the dress (FFS) I genuinely didn’t realise how creased it was. But creasing aside this dress is amazing. It’s a lightweight jersey, it’s slightly textured, almost like fine slub.

Pops told me I looked like a rock star when I toddled off to work in this outfit and the seal of a nearly 8 year old is worth more than that of any fashion expert. Trust me. 

Size-wise it’s bang on, it’s roomy, but form fitting, comfortable with loads of stretch. The tie detail gives it a sexy, fun edge. This is going to see you through the year, with tights and big jacket in the winter to flip flops and chunky jewellery in the summer.  

Black Dress – Fashion World// Red Boots – Similar


  1. Tyler Rogan on March 27, 2018 at 9:14 pm

    Super cute dress- the contrast with the shoes looks captivating. :> A big, black floppy hat would suit it, for beachwear…

    Don’t suppose you have any advice for someone who’s 2-3 sizes bigger in trousers/skirts than they are in tops ? I want to wear cute things like dungarees, but I’m terrified of looking like a weird giant-butt turnip creature. :s


    • Becky Barnes on April 2, 2018 at 3:29 pm

      Hi Taylor,

      Thanks so much!

      Firstly giant butt turnip creature hahahaha I will forever describe myself as that! I personally subscribe to wearing whatever you want, regardless of your size/shape. I think dungarees would work well on a bottom heavy shape as the top can be adjusted. It's just about finding the right pair! It may be worth ordering some and trying them on. I recommend some with stretch in! Xx