How To Make Your Outfit Stand Out

The world is becoming more and more environmentally conscious and the fashion industry is no exception. Fast fashion is a buzzword that nobody wants to be associated with and capsule wardrobes are becoming commonplace in homes up and down the country. As such fashionistas are holding onto their clothing items for longer and wearing them over and over. So to avoid your outfits looking stale and to keep them popping for years to come here are some top tips to make your outfits stand out. 

Add a neon accessory 

Bring a dash of colour to a dreary winters day by accessorising with a bold neon beanie or a bright scarf. Invest in bright red leather gloves or a statement loud and colourful bucket hat for the summer months. Add colourful accessories that will brighten up your outfit and that you can interchange easily to keep your outfit looking fresh all season long. 

Statement Jewellery

Accessorising outfits with statement jewellery is a long-standing fashion hack that keeps your fashion favourites in season year after year. Oversized hoops can add glamour to any look, and faux gold chains can help make the plainest of outfits pop. Unique Jewelry with Irish designs or traditional African inspired bangles will draw attention to the accessories and detract those who have seen you in that outfit a dozen times from noticing. 

Photo credit Jenny Uhling from Pexels

Add a belt

Draw in your maxi dress at the waist with a sleek belt or brighten up the jean and t-shirt combo with a statement belt. Don’t be afraid to opt for a bright and colourful belt or one that shines with a bit of bling or statement pattern. Big or small a belt will always have a place in your wardrobe and is perfect for spicing up your simplest of outfits. 

A Statement coat

If there is one big item you should consider investing in then the statement coat is it. Adding an eye-catching coat will transform any outfit and leave you looking stylish and chic.

Mix patterns

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your clothing and mix and match patterns. Be bold and do not shy away from wearing print on print and don’t stop there. To really make that outfit pop mix patterns and prints and colours too. 

Colour co-ordinate your make up

If you are a keen make-up wearer then matching your make-up with your outfit is a great way of accentuating your look. That is not to say everything needs to match, rather draw out parts of your outfit that can be complemented by your make-up. It goes without saying that a bold red lipstick will look effortlessly stylish teamed with a matching red bag or skirt. If you are wearing neutrals, keep your make-up neutral save for a bold blush or garish lipstick. 

Eye-catching shoes

Almost any outfit can be made different when paired with different shoes. You can dress up or dress down any outfit by what you wear on your feet. Whether you opt for chunky platforms, bright white trainers or heavy studded boots. Footwear will always change your outfit, so be sure to stock the footrails of your wardrobe