An Honest Voice

I was always told I was too honest, too loud, that I never shut up. Well, thankfully I was able to turn that into something positive and use my voice to elevate those of others who weren't 'too loud'.

Public Speaker

My public speaking style is much like my writing style; informal, friendly and chatty. I aim to make a connection with the audience through shared experience to create a sense of belonging.

Through that connection, it is my hope to make audiences feel inspired, or even, just a little bit challenged. Areas of speciality include Body Politics and perception, Fat Politics, Mental Health and Digital Business.

Becky Barnes Public Speaker


I have taken part in numerous panel discussions at both events and on national TV.

I like to keep a level head, so don't expect fiery debates, but you might get the odd bit of heat!

The passion and knowledge that Becky has is infectious. I know that we all found her insights interesting and inspiring.


Gemma Winter, Mama Tribe/It started with a stitch