Top Challenges To Try And Test Yourself

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As a person, there are many ways that you can test yourself and go through challenges. These are here to help you to grow as a person and find out new ways that you can grow and improve as an individual. By throwing yourself in the deep end or doing something that you might not find easy, you will learn to become more resilient and may surprise yourself at just how strong you are. If you are trying to find some ways that you can challenge yourself, we have put together some top ones here.

Push yourself with exercise

Exercise can be a challenge for many people, particularly if they are pushed out of their comfort zone. There are many different types of exercise you can do – why not pick a challenge that you can partake in? For example, there are plenty of charity bike ride ideas you can find, or you can do a different event. There are things such as Tough Mudder, Iron Man or other similar events that can get you working out in different ways and will test you both physically and mentally. 

Read a different book every month or week of the year

Reading books might sound easy, but if you make yourself read something new every month or week of the year, it can be a challenge. Books are a fantastic way to help yourself to grow and it is an idea to find different books from what you might normally opt to read on holiday for example. Find ones that can teach you and help you to learn new skills. If you are looking to start a business for example, why not read a book that can equip you with new skills to aid with this?

Meet new people

Meeting new people and making friends as an adult is hard – particularly if you have a job that means you work from home. There are not many opportunities to meet new people this way and it can be daunting going up to people in other settings. Challenge yourself to meet new people and try to make new friends. This can be done in places such as the gym, when you are out in a restaurant or at a bar, or even when you are taking a walk. Push yourself to go and say hello and to get to know them. Even if the friendship doesn’t quite come to fruition, you will find you are much more confident in future.

These are three challenges that you can try which will help you to learn, grow and test yourself. Some might be more challenging to certain people than others, depending on your strengths and weaknesses and it is important to choose the ones that you feel will be hard. If things in life come easy, they don’t help you, whereas if something is difficult, you know you will come out a better person. What are some ways that you test yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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