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*Post contains Gifted Item courtesy of Lumity*

As someone permanently devoid of vitamins, I am always up for finding ways to improve my sad situation. So when Lumity got in touch I thought “why the heck not?!”

Lumity Vitamin Supplements | Becky Barnes Blog

Lumity – A Female Lead Business

I’m a big fan of female created and lead businesses. And Lumity is no exception. Founded by Scientist, Sarah Palmer Hussey PHD; the brand offers a range of supplements and skin care that helps with the ageing process by delivering nutrients we start to lose as we get older.

Lumity Vitamin Supplements | Becky Barnes Blog

Day and Night

I was sent the Morning and Night Female supplements, which includes vitamins A, C and D plus the minerals selenium and zinc, which “contribute to immune health, helping you stay fit, healthy and strong inside and out.” 

Obviously, right now, a couple of days in I can’t give you an idea as to whether I think they’re working. But what I can tell you about them is they come packaged beautifully. It really feels like a treat to open the box and see the contents. You’re supplied with two sachets (one morning, one night) and two corresponding bottles. I can presume that if you subscribe, you just get the sachets to top up the bottles, therefore being a bit kinder on the environment.

Price-wise they are not cheap, this is a luxury product with a luxury price tag. But if vitamins are your jam, and you love indulging in a bit of self-care, these definitely seem like the real deal.

Treat yo self!

If you do want to treat yourself, and let’s face it, if ever there’s a perfect time it’s now. We’re at home, maybe feeling sluggish and low. This is a lovely pick-me-up and might actually help with some of those feelings.

I have an exclusive money off code enter STAYHOME20 at the checkout for 20% off a month’s supply or a 3 month subscription – plus there’s free UK delivery on everything.

I will report back, but what I’m hoping to see it hair and nail growth/strengthening and maybe a lil energy boost. I’ll let you know!

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