Opinion | Let's Talk Period Pants

My relationship with periods has not been a good one. My teens were blighted with the most excruciatingly painful and heavy periods. The constant changing of pads and leaks through my trousers were (I thought) very embarrassing and at the least inconvenient. Back in the 90s there was no such thing as period pants or moon cups – we were strictly limited to pads and tampons. Messy, expensive and bad for the environment.


What are Period Pants?

Period pants are everyday regular knickers with a built in absorption panel that acts as a pad to soak up your period blood. The pants I’m sharing with you today are from ModiBodi who have a huge range of pants that have varying absorbency levels. And not just for periods too, they have pee, perspiration and pong proof pants and swimwear technology too. Honestly for an old bird like me, the technology is mind blowing.

The varying levels available from Modibodi


How Do They Work?

Basically you just pop them on like normal knickers and go about your business. It really is that simple. No more crunchy pads (affectionately known as ‘crisp packets’ in my house). No more fear evoking tampons – I was a child of the 90s, Toxic Shock Syndrome was a HUGE thing in Jackie and 17 Mag. We were all convinced we were going to ‘die from tampons’. The sad truth being, you genuinely can. Seriously. Accidents happen, busy lives mean we could all be forgiven for forgetting if we’ve took our tampon out, maybe pop another one in and before you know it, you’re being rushed to hospital, I shit you not.

Anyway I digress with my 90s horror stories… Caring for your period pants couldn’t be simpler either. I nicked this very lovely graphic from the modibodi site to explain.


I was a little concerned about how they’d work when travelling, but as you can see, as long as you rinse them out, you can always wash them when you get home.


What are they like?

They are like… pants! Hoorah! Seriously, they just look like normal, lovely pants. There’s no heavy clumpy looking crotch area. They don’t have a big sign on them saying ‘WEIRD PANTS AHOY’. They are soft and comfortable, they fit really well and you genuinely wouldn’t know the difference.


Let’s get real about periods

Honestly, it makes me so emotional to think that my daughter has so many more options than me when it comes to periods. And that she is growing up in a time where it’s becoming less and less taboo to talk about them. Companies like Modibodi are working so hard to normalise it and make periods more manageable for women everywhere.


Do they work?

Well my friends, this is where I fail you in my blogging duties. I actually don’t have periods at the moment. I’m on the depo birth control which stops my flow. So you might question why I bothered accepting them as a gift; the truth is, I’m so passionate about normalising periods and making sure people have access to other options, that I wanted to promote them through the blog, and rest assured, I wore my own pants under these ones to shoot them, and I’ll be passing them onto a friend, so they can get full use out of them. No waste here.

In terms of their effectiveness let me direct you to a really comprehensive review from sustainability blog – ‘Small Footprints, Big Adventures’ and for pure eye candy, let me direct you to my lovely pal The Em Edit.


I think, I *hope* I’ve covered everything. As mentioned, do check out the blog posts above and of course the Modibodi website. And as always if you have any other questions, pop them below or grab me on social media.

I wont say, have a happy period, because we all know that’s BS, but what I will say is I hope this gives you food for thought when it comes to your period options.