A guide to dateless number plates

The idea of a number plate is to identify a car and to ensure that you know when it was registered and therefore how old it is. This may be true for most cars out there in the UK; but there is also the idea of dateless number plates to get to grips with.

So, what is a dateless number plate and why are they something that you might want to buy for your car?

How do dateless number plates work?

The first question that you are likely to have when it comes to dateless number plates is how they actually work. Dateless number plates were created back in 1903 and they had a format of simply one or two letters, which will donate the region where the car was registered, followed by a sequence of numbers to confirm what number car it was that had been registered.

During 1932, the format of these number plates changed and they had three letters, followed by a space, then a sequence of numbers that were issued by the office whereby they were registered.

Why do people want to buy them?

You might think that dateless number plates don’t make a whole lot of sense, but, the truth is that they are amongst the most popular private number plates which can be bought in the UK. The reason for this is because they are created in a format that does not show how old the vehicle is. They are also a little different too, which means that you can find a number plate that can make sure that your car or van will stand out when compared to others out there on the road.

Another reason why some people may want to buy a dateless number plate, particularly those that were issued after 1932, is because the three letter format will make up names of people. Such as Jon, Ben and Sue.

It is important to remember that whilst you can use a dateless number plate on a modern car, you cannot ever use a newer number plate on an older car. This is because you cannot change the number plate of the car to make it look like it is newer. These are rules that are set out by the DVLA and must be adhered to.

You should also keep in mind that dateless number plates, as they are incredibly sought after and timeless, can be amongst the most expensive private number plates that you can buy. However, they are an investment, they are something that you might have to pay out for, but, in the long-term, will hold its value and allow you to sell on in the future.

So, if you are looking to make your car totally unique, or you perhaps want to buy a gift for someone who loves their car, then you might want to take a look at dateless number plates and see if they could be the ideal present or treat for yourself?