Style: Evans Embroidery Magic

It’s no secret I’ve been into the embroidery trend in a big way, I love the intricacy and texture of it, how it lifts a simple piece from standard to something quite special, and today’s piece is no exception.  Now it feels like an age since I’ve worked with Evans, but I’m excited to say I’ve got three pieces from them to bring you over the next few weeks. 

The first though is this gorgeous denim jacket with embroidered sleeve detail. Now, I have a very old and very familiar denim jacket, which you’ve all probably seen a million times on the blog, I’ve had it since I was pregnant so it’s knocking on nearly eight years old now, and although it is still very much loved, I felt it was time to add another denim to the collection and what a beauty it is. 

I went for a size 24 as I wanted a bit of an oversized look and a bit of a contrast to my old jacket which is cropped and very tight. I was really please with the sizing on this, it is obviously loose and roomy but it doesn’t look like it’s drowning me. 

The colour looks a little darker than the website, but it’s a good solid denim not too light, not too dark and the embroidery is just so pretty with loads of scope to build outfits around. The softs pinks are perfect for the summer, they’ll go with khaki, other soft pinks and of course as I’ve done here, good old black. The deeper pink tones are going to be gorgeous in autumn with burgundy and again khaki. 

In terms of styling, you really can’t go wrong with a black maxi and cons, and teamed with a denim jacket, it’s just a classic really. And I mean, the crisp packet at the bottom just adds to the whole urban vibe to the look (blogger fail hahaha).

I can’t wait to share the other pieces with you, there really are some gorgeous items on the site at the moment, prints galore and colour abundant. 

**This item was sent to me for review, all words and opinions are my own**


  1. dawn obrien on May 27, 2017 at 6:56 pm

    Ooh, I love it, not too much embroidery!

  2. dawn obrien on May 27, 2017 at 6:56 pm

    Ooh, I love it, not too much embroidery!