Style: Joanie Clothing 'Bluebell'

Hola! How’s your weekend gone? It thankfully brightened up here today (well it didn’t rain, put it that way) so we headed down to the seafront for some lunch and a walk. Pretty perfect to be honest. And for such a lovely venture, I had the pleasure of wearing the bluebell chambray dress from Joanie Clothing.

There’s not a tonne to say other than, it’s ridiculously cute, I mean look at it. But seriously, it’s a medium weight chambray (no stretch) so it’s pretty much an all year rounder, it’s quite short so personally I couldn’t wear it without tights or leggings. Size-wise I’m wearing the 22 and it’s spot on, it fastens in back with a feature zip, but I was just able to pop it over my head! 

As you can see it does crease a little due to the nature of the fabric, but I can forgive it that, because otherwise, it’s just lovely, PLUS it has pockets so you know, it’s pretty much perfect.

Joanie have some gorgeous pieces up to a 22, they did go bigger for a while but seem to have reduced that now. The XL in the t-shirt range I would say would fit a 24 comfortably, so don’t rule them out all together and they do still have some of the larger stock left from last year, so they are worth checking them out if you’re 24+. 22 and under though, you’re good to go and ready to start shopping all their wonderful wares! I’d definitely say they are more vintage inspired more than full on repro, which is lovely, it’s a bit cooler than your average boring retro get-up. 

**This item was sent to me, which is bloody lovely for me. As always though my thoughts and words are my own, which is nice because I quite like them**

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