Transforming a Sterile Home Into a More Comforting Space

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Many people, when they are deep in the throes of renovation, find that if they want to improve their home’s value, they have to modernise the space. But modern interiors, no matter how stylish they are, can seem a little bit on the cold and inhumane side. It’s important that you add value to your property, but this means you’ve got to make your home feel cosy as well. Whether you have a family that doesn’t always feel at home or you are trying to dial down that sterile sensation, here are some tips to create a cosy home atmosphere. 

Mix up the Interior Styles

If you are looking to make upgrades, a mix of styles can certainly appeal to the eye but they can run the risk of looking too modern. However, it depends on your individual style. You can start to mix styles by adding little touches here and there. If you need to upgrade your kitchen space to one of the many bespoke kitchens out there, you can add touches of wood and other natural materials to integrate into this space which can make it feel less harsh and more homely. When you add a little rustic touch to your modern space by mixing the interior styles it can be just enough to take those sterile edges off. 

Incorporating More Comfortable Seating 

Seating is so important because you need it, not just for sitting down, but it will make the whole environment feel a bit cosier. It’s important that when you find a comfortable seat that it compliments everything else in the room. If you are looking to upgrade a modern home and make it comfier, there is nothing quite like those couches that completely envelop you and make you automatically relax into the space. And while we’re on the topic of comfortable seating, pillows are always an important component to giving your space sun semblance of cosiness. Pillows, throws and blankets are all great things to make any sterile space feel a bit more comfortable. 

Adding the Personal Touches

This is probably the easiest way to make any modern space feel homely. When you’ve got a modern space, the best way to make it more you is to add those personal touches like coffee tables, family photos, and books. Because when you have these things on display it will automatically ramp up that homely factor. 

Plenty of Plants

The last point, but still so important, is to have houseplants dotted around the place. Even if you are not green-fingered you don’t have to have real houseplants, artificial plants here and there will make a space feel instantly cosier. It brightens up the place, and it also can do a good job of hiding any unsightly items! Additionally, you’ve got the benefit of not feeling guilty if you end up letting your plants die! 

There are plenty of ways to make a modern home more comfortable. It’s one of those things that will make a big difference to how you view your home, especially if everything is a little on the sterile side.

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