How to Buy Vintage Furniture

If you are ready to add something unique and beautiful to your home, then vintage furniture might be the perfect thing for you. 

While there are replicas, and they can often be cheaper and more readily available – sometimes it has to be the real deal. 

But what if you have your eye on a specific side table? Or you are in the middle of remodelling, and the original drinks trays from the 40s are what you have to have? 

Then here are some tips to help you buy the vintage furniture that you want. 

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Photo by Csongor Schmutc on Unsplash

Can you buy vintage online?

It is often the case that the piece of furniture we want is nowhere close to where we live – and what if you don’t drive? Shopping online and booking man with a van services can be the best option. 

As you browse online, it is essential to be mindful that since you can’t inspect the item in person, you might be in for a surprise with its authenticity or its condition. 

When you choose to shop for vintage furniture online, try to stick to well-reviewed and trusted websites. And, remember to factor in the cost of the delivery too. 

Unknown Brands

There is a lot of hype surrounding certain brands because they have been featured in TV shows or magazines. You don’t need to have the exact brand to have the item that you really want. 

Well-known brands and brands that have been featured in movies and TV shows often have a price tag to reflect it – even when it isn’t warranted. 

Find a photo of the item, and do a reverse image search on Google. Google will find all of the images that look similar, and this will present you with a wide range of options. 

Don’t Fear the Scratches

Remember that vintage furniture has lived a whole life or more before it got to you. This means there will most often be some signs of wear and tear. You’ll need to accept some scratches as adding character and others that you can have repaired (or repair yourself).

If there are some noticeable scratches or marks, you can haggle down the price, which can do wonders for your budget. 

Look for this term

When browsing, and looking specifically for a piece that has almost no signs of wear, then look for the term ‘gently used’. This usually means the piece has some light signs of usage but nothing dramatic. 

Upholstered furniture, in particular, is where you should be looking for this term. Wooden items like chests and cabinets have likely been used well – and that will be reflected in the item’s body. 

Be mindful that throughout every era, there were some materials used to create sub-par furniture. Do plenty of research so that you know what to look out for. Once you are well versed in what makes for stone bones, you can use that to get yourself a better deal on the price. 
Don’t be afraid to haggle either; most sellers of vintage furniture are willing to negotiate – and you never know how much you can knock off the price tag to get what you want.

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