5 Ways to Enhance (Not Change) Your Natural Beauty

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

Though social media helps you stay connected to friends and family, it has it’s obvious drawbacks. A large percentage (more than you might think) of content you see online isn’t real. Most people only post photos that show them looking their best and at their happiest, painting a very uni-dimensional picture of their lives. 

However, it goes further than this. With the use of filters, photo editing software, and curated poses, pictures of people are often not a reflection of what their bodies look like offline. 

While it might be tempting to get lip filler, eyelash extensions, and the latest makeup, to take the perfect selfie, all you need to do is look like you. Rather than trying to change your appearance, why not focus on making your most beautiful features stand out? Here are five ways to enhance your natural beauty. 

1) Take care of your skin

Instead of spending your hard-earned money on the latest full-coverage foundation, invest in improving your skin so that you don’t feel compelled to cover it up. While nobody’s skin is as flawless as what you see in airbrushed photos, major marks such as dark spots and blemishes can impact your confidence. 

Fortunately, there are products on the market for every budget. Wondering how to treat hyperpigmentation? Some of the most popular ingredients for hyperpigmentation include retinol and Vitamin C, but for your specific needs, make an appointment with a dermatologist for a professional consultation. 

2) Make time for the activities you love

Ever heard that old adage, it’s what’s on the inside that counts? While it might sound cheesy, there’s some truth to it. People are drawn to people who are passionate about the things they do. When you participate in an activity that you love, whether it’s swimming or baking, you’ll glow from within. 

3) Smile more

Many are self-conscious about their teeth, causing them to smile with their lips pressed tightly together or raise a hand over their mouth when they laugh.

Think about the people you love and picture them freely smiling and laughing, teeth exposed and all. Are you focused on their teeth, or are you thinking about how lovely they look when their face lights up? Keep this in mind the next time you smile and laugh, and let the world see. 

4) Wear clothing that makes you feel confident

At one point or another, you’ve probably been told to dress a certain way based on your body type. This advice is archaic and you should stop believing it to be true from this moment on. No matter what you wear, there will be someone who doesn’t like it – and that’s okay. Everyone has a different style, and if you can’t please everyone, why not just focus on pleasing yourself?

By wearing pieces you love, you’ll show off your own unique personality and feel more confident. 

5) Visit the salon

It’s easy to get attached to a haircut you’ve had for years, but every once in a while you should ask yourself if your hairstyle is still serving you. 

You’re constantly growing and changing on the inside, so why not reflect this on the outside? A fresh, sleek new haircut will enhance your features and prevent you from hiding behind your hair.

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