Capturing the perfect selfie… or as I like to call it “selfie love”

I know some might see it as self indulgent, but there’s no doubting that the ‘selfie’ has become somewhat of a phenomenon. You can’t go on social media or adult dating sites without seeing them. For me, the power of a good selfie is immeasurable. Feeling down? Take a selfie. Feeling sexy? Document that glow! In fact over the years I’ve decided it’s an act of self love, or ‘selfie love’ if you will.

Feeling good in your own skin isn’t vain. Taking pleasure in looking good and appreciating yourself is the perfect way to give your mood a boost. For me, there’s nothing quite like putting a great outfit together, slapping on some make-up and grabbing a pic to celebrate the moment. And that’s what the perfect selfie should be; a celebration of you.

So whether you’re looking to grow your social media, try out modelling or even some nostringsdating hopefully I can give you some hints on tips on how to capture the perfect selfie!

Self Love

It’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation, but to look good, it really helps to feel good. A pamper session is the perfect way to unwind and get back your glow. Run a bath, light a candle, pop a face mask on and relax. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to take the perfect selfie.

Once you’re feeling refreshed, head to your wardrobe and pick out an outfit that you know you love. What do you feel comfortable and confident in? Nailing that look will also boost your confidence and that will shine through in your pictures!

Find your light (and space)

It feels like filters and air brushing have become second nature on social media nowadays, but people are tiring of them and trying to capture a natural shot is so much more real and fun. For me, finding a great light is really my top tip. Whether that’s the natural light, a ring light or even a cool coloured light.

I will often take my selfies in front of a window, it’s a great way to get natural light. If this isn’t possible, ring lights are a really great way to soften your look.

Finding an interesting background is always a great way to up your selfie game. I was working in my office the other day, the light was just glowing through the window, and the wall is a cool monochrome paint effect so I thought I’d grab a few impromptu pics.

By placing my phone in a holder and using a self timer app, I was able to get these fabulous pics.

Just Be You

What makes you unique? What do you love about yourself? Let those things shine through in your selfie.

Are you sultry? Then pucker up your best pout. Love your eyes? Make sure they’re beautifully sparkly and captivating. Maybe you’re more silly and fun, let that shine through in your pose.

There is no right way to take a selfie, just make sure you’re true to yourself and let your personality shine through. Have fun with it, maybe try some new poses or expressions; there are no rules!