Reasons why buying a used car is a wiser option

Why is Investing in a Used Car a Smart Move?

Of course who doesn’t want to take in the smell of a brand new car and feel the pleasure of taking off those plastic covers from the new seats? But when you have to spend a ton of your hard earned money for just that, it doesn’t sound as appealing. 

Because getting you from point A to B, the basic function of a car is served in pretty much the same way by both a brand new and a used car. If that intrigued your conscious then keep reading!

1: Drive a better model

With whatever budget you have in mind, a used car will always be less expensive and will give you the option of buying a better model or even a more prestigious make which of course can help you elevate your living standard and confidence up a notch! Also, the price of a brand new car immediately falls by 20% as soon as you drive it off the showroom driveway. As painful as it sounds, it’s 101% true and is one of the main reasons why people go for used cars.

2:Wider pool of options

With a fixed budget you are usually not left with too many options. All one does keep thinking about is if only they could add in a couple of extra pounds, how that would help them in buying a better car. Opening yourself up to the second hand cars pool sets you towards a wider variety of options.

3: Environment Friendly

The choices we make impact the environment in ways that we don’t even foresee. The longer a car can be used before being discarded, the healthier it is for the environment. Even if it keeps changing hands, it means that the drain on non-renewable resources of the planet is minimised.

4:Lower sales tax

The price of a second hand car is obviously lower than a brand new one and thus there will be a much lower sales tax amount that you will have to pay.

5:Lower insurance cost

Even the insurance cost of a used car is much lower compared to a brand new one which will help you save a ton of money.

We can clearly see how a second hand car is a less costly option and thus a smarter one too. Now, if you are worried about where to buy a used car from, then relax. KAP Motors has got you covered. They are a reliable car dealership that offers pre–inspected eco-friendly, prestige and regular used cars. So, if you are tempted to look for a second hand car? Visit KAP Motors to check out their huge variety of Used Nissan Cars at the most competitive prices. Visit them or browse online to get your pick today!

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