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It has been a fair while since I’ve featured Evans on the blog. For a long time, it was literally the only shop I could buy clothes from. Obviously things have changed since then, but in the last few years I really feel like Evans are coming into their own again. I have bought several great quality basics from them (their jersey peg legs are great!) and as far as variety and fit go, their plus size denim is still one of the best around.

Plus Size Denim

And it’s denim that I’m here to talk about today. If you follow me on instagram you’ll know my jean of choice for the last year or so has been a certain famous denim brand, but I am all too aware that they come at a famous price too. And the fact is, they are simply not suitable for everyone’s budget. So in the interests of fairness, I wanted to check out some other denim.

Jeans and a nice top…

If you’re of a certain age, you will know that for the most part of the 90’s and early 2000s, if your mate asked you what you were wearing on a night out, the stock answer would be “jeans and a nice top”. And although a night out is a bit more of a glam affair, jeans and a nice top is still my go to outfit.

Evans ‘girlfriend’ Jeans

A splash of colour

Now I know I’m usually known for my earthy tones and pale hues. But just lately I’ve been drawn to red, and I am absolutely loving it. This square neck plus size top from Evans is just so pretty.

Red Square Neck Top

I teamed it with the Evans ‘girfriend’ jeans. I went for a 22 short as I tend to be a bit long-bodied and short legged. The length was great but in all honestly I’ve put a bit of weight on and I think a 24 would have been more comfortable, but they are mega stretchy so they still worked!

Something more casual…

There’s no denying I’m a casual chick at heart, so as fun as it is to dress up in pretty tops and heels, truth is, I’m more comfortable in flats with a more loose cut, casual top.

Soft Grey Striped Shirt

This gorgeous striped shirt is so relaxed and comfy. I love how it feels so casual but still looks quite smart and ‘put together’. The fabric is soft and lightweight, perfect for cooler summer days.

I’ve been really impressed by my items from Evans and hope I’ve given you some ideas on how to style your plus size denim.

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