Look for the Sunshine & Supporting Small Business

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What a week…

Can’t lie, this past week or so has been extraordinary hasn’t it?

So why, you might ask, amongst all this panic and disruption am I even bothering to blog?

Well therein lies the answer. When things are bad, this little corner of the internet has always been my means of escapism, and goodness knows we need a bit of that right now!

In fact I hope this is the kick up the arse I needed to dedicate some real time to this love of mine.

Find the Sunshine

In what feels like an incredibly dark time, it helps me to try and find the sunshine. I urge you to try and do the same if possible (easier said than done I know) – first and foremost, I’ve been trying to reframe my thoughts.

Small Business

I found this post quite helpful. It’s a wee bit problematic in the sense of its glaring privilege (not all of us can afford proper nutrition or have loved ones to call for example). But on the whole it has helped me put things into perspective.

Supporting Small Business

Towards the end of last year, I made a pledge to try harder in my efforts to support independent business. This meant, instead of mindlessly buying endless crap from ASOS (soz ASOS) I would spend that money buying something from an indy brand instead.

I’m going to share my purchases on the blog (you might have seen some on my instagram too) – the first of which is this awesome set from Lucky Sew and Sew who make made to measure lingerie.

Small Business

Joy Giver

I know it might seem a bit superficial, but yes, pretty things do make me happy and I have no shame in admitting that. In a messed up world if I can find joy in beauty then I don’t think I’m doing too bad.

Plus buying from a small business means I get to feel all virtuous.

Speaking of pretty, I have to mention the gorgeous necklace I’m wearing in these shots. I was sent the starburst shield ( you can see their other women’s necklaces here) from the folk at Daisy London.

It is so up my street, stunningly beautiful with an art deco feel. The brand itself is a predominantly female run business who create boho inspired jewellery.

Soaking in the sunshine 🙂

Okay, so moral of the story? Reframe your thoughts and identify the things that make you happy. Got it gang? Good 😉

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