Lifestyle: [AD] Sand-Free Towels with Tesalate

I find it really hard to buy gifts for people. I hate buying generic flowers, chocolates and smellies. I either want a gift to be super useful, or super indulgent, something that person would never dream buying for themselves. I guess this sand-free towel from Tesalate falls into the first category as something super useful.
Tesalate Sand-free towels
I have seen these towels doing the rounds on social media and wondered if they really lived up to the hype, so when I got the chance to work with Tesalate I was excited to see if it was really any different to your bog-standard beach towel. To be fair, if anyone knows their beach towels it’s the Aussies.
From being lightweight to super absorbent there is definitely nothing ordinary about these towels. You might be able to pic up form the pictures, but they’re a textured fabric that helps repel the sand and aids them to dry quicker than a normal towel.
Not only are these going to be great for you, I think they make a really different and yep, you’ve got it, useful gift. For example if you’re buying for a woman in your life this Mother’s Day, why not make a travelling light gift pack. Pick up some cute and hand-luggage friendly minis (nothing over 100ml if you’re using hand luggage and not hold luggage). Maybe a cheap pair of sunnies and one of these fab towels. They have loads of prints to suit different tastes, but I of course went for the ‘Leaf me Alone’ because palms and geometrics… yum, and secondly because that’s my general holiday vibe… leave me alone.
I can’t wait to take my for a real test drive on holiday. But I don’t know if I’ll be able to wait until then… Swimming anyone?
If you’d like to get your hands on one of these. Use the code BeckyBarnes to get 15% off your purchase and all towels come with free worldwide shipping… Bonus!!