Style: Sixteen47 – Leopard Lovely

Howdy y’all! I have a tonne of posts to get through, but I just had to pop this one up first because it got such great reaction on social media and I kinda know why, this suit from Sixteen47 is the bees knees! 
Now as I mentioned on instagram, I was a little apprehensive when the lovely folk at Sixteen47 suggested this outfit. The utter wimp in me was like, there’s no way on earth I can pull off a head to toe leopard print velvet suit! But always one for a challenge, I agreed. 

Man was I wrong! It’s a bloody dream! There’s nothing to ‘pull off’ because it looks great! The fit and quality are excellent. 
I’m wearing the ‘2’ which is 20-24. What I will say though, is if like me you fall into the 22/24 bracket and prefer a more slouchy fit then I’d size up in this one. The trousers fit me more like a tregging than a peg leg if that makes sense? 

The beauty of this suit is that as separates you can mix it up with other garments. Imagine the trousers with a big chunky black jumper. How cosy?!! The jacket with jeans (you knew it was coming). 

I honestly can’t get over how amazing this suit looks and feels. I’m very into it. If leopard isn’t your thing though there is a very nice blue velvet number in the same style. It really is testament to trying things on. Not just taking a look at the website and discounting things on first glance. 

Why not take a look at their website for the full plus size range and maybe try something you wouldn’t normally|?