Style: Sugar Candy Bra

Oh bras, a constant source of frustration for me. I have drawers full of beautiful bras, most of which I can only wear for 4/5 hours maximum. I am really hypersensitive so any little fold, crease, or slightly itchy fabric can cause me a lot of pain. So when Sugar Candy Bra got in touch I was really intrigued to see if and why they were different.

I’ve been a long time fan of those stretchy crop top affairs that you often see on shopping channels, but I’ll be honest, they offer very little support and no shape at all. So how is this any different? 
Well where Sugar Candy really differs is in the structure. Within the bra are a set of panels which support from under the breast and the side of the breast. The bra fastens in the back like a regular bra and the straps are adjustable. 
As you can see the bra does offer some central definition so you don’t suffer from the dreaded mono-boob. 
The band is quite firm, so by the end of the day I was starting to feel the pinch, but it is very wearable and comfortable and perfect for an every day, run around after the kids, relaxed kinda bra. The support is surprisingly great and the shape is good too. Is it an impressive lift? No. But does it do the job while providing comfort? Yes. 
There’s a handy size chart on the site, for reference, I’m a 38FF and I’m wearing an XL. But you should be able to work yours out from the chart. I’m really impressed with the Sugar Candy Bra, it offers comfort and support, who could ask for more?