Style: #BraHumbug with Simply Be.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but are your boobs feeling merry and bright or are you a bit of a bra-humbug?
It wasn’t so long ago that my lovely lady bumps were subject to their very own Christmas Carol, with me in the starring role of Scrooge! My lingerie drawer had become a victim of my measly ways and my poor boobs longed to be treat with the love they deserved!
There in the back of my drawer lurked a dull, murky bra that once used to be white, but after several fake tans, several hundred washes and several years it resembled an old dishcloth, fit for Cinderella’s bucket! I’m not sure what made me hang on to it for so long, but I think I thought it was comfortable; I fell into the trap we all do, as in, it fits and it does the job, why bother spending all that money on a new one? But the truth of the matter was, it didn’t fit and it was far from living up to its uplifting duties! My boobs were sad and my outfits lacked the foundation they required.
But fear not! There is a happy ending, I promise! One day I was visited by a collection of underwear fairies, who waved their magic wand and using their extensive knowledge, I was fitted correctly and they were able to advise me on the best bras for my breast shape, size and needs.
Happy Boobs, My Girl’s got Happy Boobs.
So the moral of the story is, get fitted correctly, spend some money on good quality bras and look after them!
If you head to the Simply Be website, there is loads more information and fun facts about our bra-humbug ways! And you never know you might find the bra of your dreams and get your happily ever after!

**This post was written in association with Simply Be. All words are my own**