JUNAROSE: September

Hello!! Ok, so the title is a tad out of date, as its now October, but nevertheless here is my September instalment from JUNAROSE!

Last month you might recall, I went for just the one item at the top of my monthly budget, the amazing ripped jeans, so this month I decided to go for 3 items and create 2 different outfits from them.

I chose the Twelve Is Top, the Alexa Short Skirt and the Jump Leggings

The first look was my attempt at casual, I wore the top and leggings with some pumps and a big old necklace! A note first on the “leggings” they are in fact jeggings and really great ones at that. They have a good amount of stretch but after a days wear, didn’t go baggy at the knees. The top is a slouchy jersey style which I love, its loose enough that its comfortable but the draping makes it feel quite sexy. I ordered the items in my usual 22 and found them to be true to size.  
The second look I created was more dressy and little…erm… dare I say sexy?

I used the draping of the top to create an off the shoulder look, and swapped the trousers for the skirt. The skirt, although plain black has an embossed diamond pattern which adds texture and interest. It’s a skirt I can wear both smart and casually. I tried this month to pick items that could be worked into my wardrobe in lots of different ways and that would be quite versatile. 
As with last month I’m incredibly impressed with the quality of JUNAROSE, the items from this month are right at the bottom of the brands price range but they do not suffer quality wise at all.
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  1. Crystal on October 20, 2013 at 2:19 pm

    Super cute…I love they way you've worn it both ways. Your converses match perfectly.