Period Pants with WUKA

Talking openly about women’s issues has always been very important to me. You all know I’m not backwards at coming forwards and there’s not much that’s off the table when it comes to my little chats including period pants.

Periods can happen to anyone in possession of a uterus, and as such, it’s important we talk about them openly, without shame or judgement. Which is why I love talking about period pants on the blog.

Life before Period Pants

I’m pretty sure I’ve blathered on about this before on the blog. But starting my period in the early 90s the only thing at my disposal (ha see what I did there) was disposables. Pads and tampons, that was it. To be completely honest, wings were a pretty new thing (yes, I’m that old). Pads were clunky and pretty ineffective and tampons were getting a pretty bad rep at the time. Teen mags were touting them as toxic shock death traps – yes I’ve been scarred for life.

WUKA Period Pants

I love that period pants now exist. I love that for all those having periods. I especially love it for my daughter; that her generation have so many more options now when it comes to period products. It feels like someone has actually put thought and care into the comfort of people having periods. Because it’s not the most pleasant experience in the world and the fact that we are now developing products that care about those using them and the environment is huge.

The WUKA Ethos

WUKA Period Pants were founded in 2017, WUKA is a female-led start up, who started making the UK’s first ever reusable and leak-proof period wear. WUKA stands for ‘Wake Up Kick Ass’ which I truly love and I do think with innovative products like WUKA you actually can wake up and feel that way on your period. There’s so much to love about these products, from the sheer ease of use and convenience to the sustainability aspect. From their eco-friendly production and business practices to the fact these products just don’t create the level of waste traditional period products do.

It’s safe to say I’m a period pant convert. I love the comfort and reassurance they offer plus they look pretty awesome too. What’s all the better is that WUKA have now extended their sizing, so If you’d like to try them for yourself you can use my personal code ‘BECKY15’ to get 15% off the two styles: Basics Hipster and Ultimate Midi Brief from available up to a 6XL!

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