Do you remember the first time? First Period that is…

**This post features gifted items**

Your first period, do you remember it? The experience is different for everyone, as is the timing. My story is relatively unremarkable to be honest.

I was about 13, I was getting ready for dance class after school. My mum was at work, so I told my dad.

You see, my dad although from a different generation, is very cool. When it comes to this kinda stuff, he just gets on with it. He wouldn’t for a second dismiss it or brush over it. He’s the kind of guy who has no qualms going to the shop for period stuff, pads or tampons. He’s just that kind of guy.

So when I told him, he wanted to make sure I was okay, and that I had everything I needed. He then asked if I still wanted to go to my dance class.

I decided to skip it on this occasion and stay at home for cuddles and cuppa.

But unfortunately for me, from then on, my periods were not the greatest of experiences. I suffered with very heavy, painful periods for many years. Thankfully I found a birth control that helped ease them and now, in my 40s, I’m looking forward to the back of them forever!

First Period. The next generation.

Now I’m a mum, it’s hard not to wonder if my not so great experiences will have an impact on how my daughter has her periods, and as Pops headed towards the pre-teen years, we had talked a lot about puberty and growing up.

Although at the age of ten, I didn’t think I’d have to deal with it so soon, but the reality is, children can get their period as early as 9, or even younger in some cases.

Your First Period. A different way.

When I was young, there were only two options for periods. Tampons or Pads. But thankfully all that has changed. Period Pants have become a really big story in the last few years and I can’t even begin to explain what a game changer they are.

As a heavy period haver I would constantly be changing my pad. I cannot even count the amount of times my pad would leak due to flow, or simply just moving out of position in my pants. It’s a scenario many people will identify with. But with period pants, the latter certainly is no issue and leaking becomes less of a problem once you get the right pant for your flow.

When Wuka got in touch to see if they could send me some of their period pants, I really wanted to work with them, but I don’t really have periods much nowadays thanks to my birth control. But, it just so happens that Pops got her first period a few weeks before, so with Poppy’s permission, we talked to Wuka about working on a first period piece.

My first period pack.

The lovely folk at Wuka sent over one of their my first period packs for Pops to try out. It includes two pairs of period pants, a gorgeous zip bag to keep your pants in and a choice of one of two books. The girl’s guide to growing up great or the autism friendly guide to periods.

I mean let’s just take a moment to appreciate how awesome that is. Not only are they providing effective, environmentally friendly period products but they have created an inclusive environment for people to experience their first period with confidence.

Speaking to your child about periods.

I’ve always created an open house, open mind environment with Pops. Nothing is off limits, we try and speak about subjects openly and appropriately. I’ve never hidden my body from Poppy and we have always talked about the changes our bodies go through.

It’s so important to remember that periods aren’t taboo or dirty. Try and start young, talk about how natural they are. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never sugar-coated it, I’ve let Poppy know periods can be painful and uncomfortable, but that are indeed a fact of life and with products like Wuka period pants, they can be a whole lot easier.

Although I was lucky my first period wasn’t traumatic or distressing in any way, I think products like Wuka and the first period pack are changing the way people experience their first period and anything that can ease the process is a win in my book.

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