Vaping: What are the Ingredients in E-Liquid?

Not only are people transitioning from smoking to vaping because it’s known to be healthier, but the idea of trying the many different e-liquids that are on the market is becoming much more appealing. Regardless of whether you use a c cell cartridge to do this, or another popular vaping tool, there are many ways for you to get your e-liquid fix. 

Because there are many options to choose from, some people seem to overlook what ingredients you are expected to find in these juices. But wouldn’t it be nice to learn more about why e-liquids taste as good as they do?

Well, let’s find out. 

Vegetable Glycerin

One of the ingredients you are expected to find in e-liquid is vegetable glycerin. It is a non-toxic colourless liquid with no smell, but a sweet taste. Some may say that this ingredient is solely responsible for producing huge white plumes of vapour, instead of the little wisp of thin vapour that would have otherwise been produced. This liquid makes up to 80% of the volume in a vape, which is why it can produce more levels of vapour than other ingredients. Whilst VG has been processed from oils, it is a type of alcohol, and this is what makes it safe to inhale. 

It is important to note, however, that vegetable glycerin is thick and viscous, so this means that high-VG liquids won’t work as efficiently in older atomisers and small clearomizers. This is because it is too thick to wick well. Though that doesn’t mean to say that it can’t be used in specific types of devices. If you want a substance that can produce a lot of dense vapour, but not a lot of throat hit, then looking for e-liquids that contain vegetable glycerin is definitely in your best interest.

Propylene Glycol

Next, we have propylene glycol, and alongside vegetable glycerin, this makes up the remaining part of your liquid. They are known to be less viscous than VG, which is why most liquids contain more PG than anything else. Propylene glycol has a faint sweet taste, and although it isn’t enough for it to be used as a sweetener, you will find it in foods, medicines, and other products to help keep them moist. 

If you’re someone who wants to produce huge clouds of vapour from your e-liquid, it is important to note that the previous ingredient of vegetable glycerin is better suited to this activity than propylene glycol. This is because it produces less visible vapour, and so is well-liked by those people who want to vape discreetly. It gives you more of a throat hit and also carries flavours better too.  


Some may say that the flavourings are the most important ingredient to feature in an e-liquid. Because the liquid doesn’t have much flavour of its own, the delicious flavourings can help to enhance the overall vaping experience and this is achieved through food-grade additives. Whilst flavourings have a huge part to play in the liquid, you need to know that some ingredients are safe to eat but not inhale, which is why the industry has begun to eliminate additives that people may be concerned about.  

Be sure that you don’t use food flavourings from the supermarket, as some of these contain oils that can be harmful if inhaled. Go down the route of ordering from vaping manufacturers because you will know that these have been through the relevant procedures to ensure they are safe to use. 


You will find that most e-liquids contain traces of nicotine. This is why vaping is an effective alternative to smoking, as you can adhere to your cravings without having the aftermath of the effects of tobacco. There are many bad perceptions about nicotine due to their involvement in cigarettes, but it is the smoke that causes harm and not the nicotine itself. Whilst it can be toxic if you smoke it in high doses, it is unlikely that you will poison yourself, as you will feel side effects like nausea and headaches first. 

With that being said, vapers and smokers alike have significant experience when it comes to only getting the right amount of nicotine and no more. This is an important quality to have when it comes to preventing yourself from facing any danger. 

You will likely come across the four ingredients listed above when you purchase high-quality e-liquids. And now, you have a thorough understanding of the purpose they provide when you’re inhaling this special liquid from your device. 

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