Finding Love on Your Travels

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According to studies, around 46 percent of people use dating apps while travelling. Whether dating apps are your thing or not, there is no denying that there’s something exciting,  something romantic, about finding love when you’re travelling.

Holiday romances are nothing new, and if you think you might like to cast the net a bit wider when it comes to dating, there are lots of things you can do to increase your chances of finding love while satisfying your wanderlust…

Talk to strangers

We may tell children not to talk to strangers, but we are adults, and although it’s sensible to assess every situation to keep yourself safe, talking to strangers is one of the best things about travelling, even if you aren’t looking for love. You get to know so much more about the culture, and the feelings of a place when you speak to strangers, and who knows, you might just hit it off with someone and before you know it you’ll be getting married and applying for a spouse visa extension so you can be together forever. It could happen!

Consider dating apps

Even if dating apps aren’t usually your thing, there is no denying that, when you’re in another country, it can be an easier way to find potential dates and make a connection. Just make it clear that you’re a tourist just passing through and be sure to meet in a safe public place, and at the very least, you should have a bit of fun meeting someone new and seeing the city through a local’s eyes. 

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Hit up places that speak to your passion

If you love surfing, head to the beach, if you’re an artist, head to the local galleries – basically, whatever you’re into, find those kinds of places where people with similar interests are likely to be in the place you’re visiting and hang out there. Strike up conversations, catch people’s eyes, and who knows, you could make that amazing connection you’ve always been looking for and fall head over heels in love with a strapping Spaniard or handsome Hungarian.

Go on walking tours or other guided events

Walking tours and other guided travel events offer the perfect opportunity for you to meet people in a more natural manner. You are all there to explore the place you are visiting as a group, so you will naturally get to talking and potentially meet someone with who you have a spark with. Even if that doesn’t happen, chances are you will make a new friend or two.

Be open to it

If you want to find love, you have to be open to it wherever and whenever it comes calling on you. If you don’t think it will happen, and you aren’t truly open to the possibilities, chances are you will not be giving off the right kind of vibes, and you may find that it doesn’t happen for you.

Holiday romances aren’t for everyone, but if you love travelling and you’re still single, and looking to change that, why not grab every opportunity to find the one?

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