4 Considerations When Choosing The Right Coffee Beans


Many of us just can’t imagine life without a great cup of coffee. Whether it’s giving us the boost we need in the morning or our drink of choice when meeting our friends, there’s plenty about it to love!

Coffee is much more than a delicious energy boost; there are also a few health benefits of drinking coffee. Several studies have linked drinking coffee to lowered risk of certain types of cancer and diabetes. What’s more, coffee can help to boost your endorphin levels and lift your mood.

When you’re choosing your coffee beans, how do you know which one’s to purchase? To help you choose right, consider these four simple tips.

1 . Caffeine content 

Some of us prefer a stronger coffee, while others like a lower caffeine content. You might even prefer a caffeine-free diet, and in this case, there are plenty of decaf blends on the market. Remember to always look at the label to ensure the right caffeine content for you. If you are inspecting the beans yourself, it’s usually the case that darker beans have less caffeine than lighter ones.

2. Choosing the roast 

Now it’s time to decide whether you prefer light medium or dark roast coffee. In most cases, a light roast has a crispy acidity, with rather mellow tones. Medium roast beans tend to have a medium acidity level; often, there are caramel tones here. Finally, a dark roast is usually bolder to the taste, yet with a low acidity content. 

As the styles are so unique, it’s preferable to taste them all and see which takes your fancy. Whether it’s Italian blends for a taste of Tuscany, or a decaffeinated blend from Peru, you’ll soon find your perfect blend.

3. Arabica or Robusta beans

We can broadly group coffee beans into the labels of ‘Arabica’ or ‘Robusta.’ Arabica beans are characterized by a smooth and delicious taste, which is also a little acidic. Robusta beans are regarded as stronger to the taste and also slightly more bitter. If you prefer a stronger coffee, you may prefer Robusta beans; these beans contain more caffeine. Robusta beans are usually grown in Africa, or Indonesia and Arabica is grown in Africa and Latin America. Arabica beans are a little more expensive and are usually considered to be higher quality beans. 

4. Fairtrade 

Fairtrade coffee means that these coffee types are recognized to have been produced to meet fair trade regulations. Such regulations are put in place by fair trade organizations that, in turn, create trading partnerships. Fair trading partnerships are designed to facilitate sustainable development and to improve the conditions for coffee bean farmers.
Once you’ve chosen the perfect coffee for you, you won’t want to wait around. Some of the best suppliers allow you to order next day coffee to get your perfect coffee fast! As the holiday’s fast approach, consider that some fancy coffee beans could be the perfect gift for a coffee lover in your life.

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