Style: Arched Eyebrow for Navabi – Round Three

Hey! So Bethany has done it again with another stellar collection – Arched Eyebrow for Navabi is a-go-go… Never one to shy away from colour, Bethany has poured her heart and soul into this latest offering proving that bold and beautiful is most definitely a triumphant combo. 

Me and the mister headed into town yesterday for a spot of shopping and refreshment. Needless to say, I felt fancy AF in this gorgeous coat. Statement coats are something Bethany nails every time and this rust number with gorgeous mustard lining is a complete beaut. 
It’s a lovely weighty fabric, a wool/poly mix in a deep rust colour with contrasting mustard lining. Size-wise it’s generous, which I love but if you prefer a closer fit, I’d advise to size down. Length-wise I’m 5’7″ and it comes up about knee length on me. The belt is the only way to fasten the coat just to be aware.

The thing about coats, is that 10 years ago, before supermarkets and fast fashion outlets really had a hold on the market, I wouldn’t have thought twice about spending £80-120 for a distinctly average, probably black, winter coat. Then came a time when we could get our hands on fun colours, disposable coats for under £50. 
I think we forgot that paying that bit extra for a real stand-out quality item is something that we could all do with thinking about. Granted, not every year, but for the price of three cute but slightly rubbish coats, we could have one amazing one, that everyone admires and you look completely banging in. 

The 12 piece collection has a great range of statement pieces with a couple of great basics for good measure.  If you’re looking for something more than just fast fashion, but still want something that packs a punch then for the love of style, head to Navabi to check out the collection. 
**The coat in the post was gifted to me by the lovely folk at Navabi. 
All words and opinions on this product are very much my own**

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