Style: Back to Basics – Honest Dressing

Happy New Year my darlings! I hope you all found the time to enjoy the festive period, whatever form that may have taken! I was lucky enough to spend lots of time with Pops, my partner and his daughter and my family. I even got in a meal with the girls. At home, we all managed to get the lurgy at some point which I think is standard practice for this time of year right? And I found out I’ve got quite a hefty Vitamin D deficiency and Anaemia. Fear not though, I’m dosing myself up to the eyeballs with supplements and lots of leafy greens, orange juice and red meat! 
So as most of us are fully back into the swing of things I wanted to look at taking a more simple approach to my wardrobe. I’ve talked in the past about uniform dressing on the blog, and even did a capsule wardrobe month. 
But of late I have definitely found that I’m adopting a more standardised look. I have key pieces in my wardrobe that I build outfits around. And I feel like I’m stating to build a signature look. I still love fashion and incorporating trends into my wardrobe, but I feel like I know what I love and know what works for me and my lifestyle. 

Without sounding too gimmicky or a bit wanky, I guess this is ‘honest dressing’. I’m at the point in my life where I know myself better than I ever have before and I know what’s important to me. For me, ‘Honest Dressing’ should encompass everything you need from an outfit without sacrificing your personal style. I know that if I’m completely honest with myself, my priorities are comfort and practicality, while hopefully still remaining stylish.

Whether you’re a new mum, living with chronic illness, your own boss, climbing the career ladder or maybe you’re hitting a milestone age-wise; basically you’re at a point where you need to ask yourself what are your style priorities? What challenges and tasks do you face on a daily basis and what kind of outfit is going to facilitate that process more smoothly, while feeling (and looking) amazing.

This of course doesn’t mean there won’t be days where you’re going to dress whimsically, sexily and altogether impractically, everyone needs days like that. But I strongly believe once you have found a style you love and you know suits your lifestyle. You’ll never look back.

The outfit I’m sharing with you today, has to be my winter saviour. I’ve worn this and variations on it to death, and every time I have felt amazing. It’s so incredibly simple, and wearable yet I feel so put together and grown up when I wear it. 

Starting with the trousers, I have been a long time fan of high waist jersey peg legs. They have been my go-to trouser for some years now. Winter, Summer, travel, events, you name it, I’ve worn them for it. I currently have three pairs in circulation, but I do need to get some more as they’re starting to look a bit scruffy. My current ones are Tu at Sainsbury’s (my faves), Pink Clove and Simply Be. 
A strip tee/sweatshirt is an absolute wardrobe must for me. I would be lost without my collection, they work under pinafores and dungarees, with trousers, jeans and skirts. Basically everything. 
Down to the shoes and in my opinion you can’t go wrong with a pair of converse, but I know they’re not for everyone, so find a style you love. I like Nike Air Force 1’s: particularly generous for those with wide feet and puma suedes are great too. 
Finally the coat. A classic, almost formal coat will transform any outfit. For me it adds style, class and a chic touch. They look great over jeans, a casual look like mine but then equally as great over workwear and of course evening wear. I love my grey one. It’s the perfect neutral for most outfits. I would highly recommend a camel colour coat too which works with warmer toned outfits. They don’t have to cost a fortune either, I picked this one up in the New Look sale last year for £20.
This outfit is my school run, food shop, city visit, coffee shop outfit. I know I’ll feel great when I put it on, I know I feel confident and most importantly I’ll be comfortable. 
I really can’t wait to share some more of my honest dressing with you and hope that this year on the blog, I can develop a bit more of an insight into the way I dress, for both me and you lot too.

I’ve had a look around and have recreated my look using ASOS. You can shop it below! And just a heads up in the spirit of all things honest, they are affiliate links, which means I get a few pennies if you buy anything through my link. A girl’s got to earn a living somehow right? I’m really excited for 2019 and would love to hear about any content you’d love to see from me too. Comment below or on social media.

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