Style: Dress it Up with Boohoo

Summer is certainly here, but when it comes to summer style which way do you tend to lean? Are you a cool and casual kinda gal, do you like clean lines or do you prefer a bit of boho? On the whole, I think I tend to stick to cool and casual, lots of loose trousers, vest tops and crop tops. BUT now and then I have a little flirt with the boho trend; there’s something about that soft, flowy romantic feel that I can’t resist. So when Boohoo got in touch about their Dress it Up campaign, I thought I’d give something a bit different a chance! 

It was the hemline that first drew me to this dress, it’s just so different! I mean it’s a flap of fabric away from a hanky hem, but I think it’s way more stylish. I love the rust colour and oh-so 70s cheesecloth fabric. 

I just had to add my snake print boots for that rock star edge, I guess the ultimate cliche would be a floppy hat, but I look a bit of a bellend in one to be honest, so I will save you from that horror. But I do think you could easily get away with some big old earrings, a tassel bag and really play with that boho look. You may as well go all out! 

**The dress in this review was gifted to me**

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