Tatty bye 2014!

It’s always nice to reflect on ones year and ones achievements (hahaha I sound like the bloody queen) anyway, what I’m trying to say is, it’s not been too shabby actually, and I thought it would be nice to look back!


January and I was blonde! There was some rather pretty dresses, the blue number from Evans and the floral one was part of the Claire Richards collection for Fashion World. I was mega proud to have an article published in Vintage Life and I was rocking my BeBe uniform of jeans and a kimono! 

In February I was getting all excited about my holidays and trying on some swimwear including the popular “fatkini” and the old barnet went back to brown!  

There was a hint of pastel creeping into my wardrobe in March ready for spring, and I was baring all in my undies, the first time I had gotten out my “bottom belly” as Michael calls it, i.e. I wasn’t wearing something high waisted! March was also host to mothers day and my little mini me got to play “fashion” in a post with Simply Be. 

April was about conquering the layered look and cracking out the beloved jumpsuit again. And on a personal note Michael and I opened the shop. We are so very proud of our little venture Made By

May was actually quite quiet, We headed off to Kos for a week but before that I started rocking summer maxi’s, pretty dresses and cute denim outfits. I also posted about my holiday and how I’d actually been a bit miserable because of my raging PMS, but the one positive I took away is that despite my vile mood I very proudly wore a swimsuit and bikini the whole time and I just wanted to repeat this sentiment from back then… 
Will my little girl look back at our holiday and think “gosh my mummy was so fat, why did she wear a swimming costume?” or will she look back and think “I loved holding my mummy’s hand and jumping off the side of the pool, building sand castles and being wrapped up in her arms when I got out of the sea”. I know it will be the latter. Don’t let your lack of confidence stop you making memories. Life is too short to sit back and watch other people have fun.”


In June, I shot for an article in Cosmo and for a swimwear campaign for Yours Clothing. It was a pretty cool* month really!


July was a stellar month. My cosmo article came out which I’m incredibly proud of, you can read it here.


I think August was one of my favourite months for outfits, so much cuteness! 

September was all the fashion for me. Not only was it Plus North month but September saw the first plus size catwalk at London Fashion Week courtesy of Evans and it was truly glorious!

October was surprisingly still quite sunny (yey!) and saw the launch of a new plus size line at Wallis and Michael and I took a little break in the Yorkshire countryside.

November was all about the Plus Size Awards and Tess. Plus North won best event and I got to work on a shoot with the one and only Tess Munster. 
Ah December, birthday month, sparkly, twinkly Christmas month. 
So there you have it! That was a bit epic wasn’t it? I didn’t mean for it to be so long! What a year it’s been! I say it every year, and I truly mean it – thank you for all your support, your lovely emails, comments, shares, likes and general loveliness! I’m looking forward to the year ahead, here’s to 2015! Cheers gang! 

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  1. Margot Meanie on January 10, 2015 at 8:37 am

    What a fabulous year for you and fashion!! You looked amazing and you had some very exciting accomplishments!!


    After looking over all your outfits I have come to the conclusion, that I need a amazing statement necklace, your silver bib one just makes my jaw drop each time it turns up!!

    And I just love what you wrote about being on vacation with your daughter!