All change…

Well actually, not that much of a change to be honest, and I ummed and ahhed if it was even worth writing this post, but I thought you might wonder what was going on otherwise. 
You might have noticed a little change to the header, I’ve dropped the ‘ramblings’ and inline with my url and my social media, I’m just going by Mrs BeBe Blog now. I’m having a little revamp and it’s kind of ongoing. I’m tweaking and having a play until I get the look of the blog right. No major changes, just evolving I guess? I’m incorporating a bit more lifestyle stuff in the blog, it wasn’t a massively conscious decision, it was more the fact that some fab opportunities dropped into my lap, so I thought I’d go with them. Plus I think it breaks it up a bit for you guys. The endless stream of pictures of me with my hand on hip must surely get a bit tiresome! Haha! 
I will first and foremost always be a fashion girl, it’s my true love and passion, but I thought it would be fun to throw some food, travel, beauty, and lifestyle bits into the mix too. 
Don’t forget you can find me, as always on my various social media –

Facebook – Blog updates and shared posts.
Twitter – Inane ramblings of a mad woman and blog stuff.
Instagram – Endless pictures of my face, food and child.
Pinterest – Pictures of stuff I wish I owned, and places I wish I could visit.
Tumblr – Weird stuff even I’m not sure I understand.

Hope that all makes sense! My twitter and instagram is now @mrsbebeblog too so don’t forget to tag me with the new name! Yey! Xxx

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  1. Trisarahtops on October 28, 2014 at 12:36 pm

    Love it. xx

  2. on October 28, 2014 at 10:50 pm

    It looks grand! xx

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