How To Make Your Bedroom A Calmer Place To Be

Your bedroom is supposed to be your retreat from the world. It should be somewhere you go at the end of the day to rest and relax and have a few moments of peace before you fall asleep. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case in a busy home, but here’s how you can make your bedroom a calmer place to be. 

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Sof Lighting

A bright, jarring light contributes to the visual noise in a room and can set your body clock to keep you awake for too long after you turn out the light. Instead of using one bright ceiling light, place a few smaller lamps around the room at verging heights, such as on your dress and your nightstand. Turn on only the ones that you need. Lamps that allow you to adjust the light level are ideal for the bedroom, as you can adjust the light to your liking to get a peaceful feeling. Lampshades can also make a big difference. Look for lampshades that are lined with metallic gold paper on the side, as this will cast a lovely, soft, soothing glow. 

Soft Color Scheme

You might love bright shades in the rest of your house, but bright colors work better in your kitchen or office, where they can help you to feel more upbeat, positive, and awake. However, at the end of a long day, an overly bright color or color combination with a lot of contrast can have the opposite effect in your bedroom, and make you feel more tired or distracted. 

To make the atmosphere more relaxing, use soft, soothing, quieter colors in your bedrooms, such as dove gray, light coral, pale gold, pastel pink, spa blue, or pale green. If you love color, don’t worry. You might be pleasantly surprised by how much color you can get into a room while still keeping it soothing and peaceful. Wall paint, upholstery, bedding, and window treatments all give you an opportunity to add in color. You could even paint your wardrobe doors

No Clutter

Get rid of clutter for good to create an atmosphere that feels relaxing. Clutter adds to visual noise in your bedroom. It’s distracting and can be stressful too. Keep your closets clean and organized so that you can easily put your belongings away, so there’s no need to have things stored out in plain sight around the room. Take out any furniture you don’t need in there, thin out your ornaments, and get rid of any random clutter that doesn’t need to be there. 

A Better Bed

Create a wonderful place to sleep. Different people have different ideas about what makes the perfect bed. If you have a bad back, you might need a firm mattress, whereas others might prefer to sink into a softer mattress. Make sure you have enough room. A short, slim woman might get a great night’s sleep on a twin bed, whereas a taller, larger man is probably not going to enjoy a narrow bed. Take into account anyone else who shares the bed too, such as your spouse, pets, or the kids who get in in the morning! Try a few options for a mattress, and buy the biggest bed you can fit in the space so you have plenty of room. 

Whatever you prefer for your mattress, cover it with crisp, smooth cotton sheets in the highest thread count that you can afford. Wash your sheets every week in hot water, with a detergent you like the smell of. Add on some fluffy pillows in a variety of thicknesses and densities. A couple of blankets are a good idea too, in case you get cold during the night. A down comforter will keep you feeling warm and snuggly too, no matter how cold it gets. 

A Reading Nook

Reading is a quiet, peaceful activity that will help you relax after a long day. Reading can help you to forget a noisy environment and feel more peaceful. In one corner of your bedroom, set up a reclining chair or any other comfortable chair. Make sure the chair fits you well, and is in a relaxing color or print. Put in a small table and a reading lamp, and you have a lovely reading nook. 

Once you have it set up, make sure you use it. Don’t use your chair as somewhere to dump yesterday’s clothes. Sit in your chair and read for at least ten minutes every night before bed to help you unwind.

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