Ways to prepare for your bathroom renovation

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You may be looking for a great bathroom that can give you something extraordinary. When visiting a restaurant in a hotel, you may feel compelled to comment on the greatness of the bathroom. Being in a beautiful bathroom can help you feel relaxed and a little bit fancy.

It can be overwhelming to look for bathroom remodelling ideas because of the many choices you have. However, there are a lot of bathroom renovation websites, blogs, and magazines that have beautiful designs that look lovely. So, the question is, what captures your eyes? It’s recommendable to design your bathroom to meet your needs, and the tips below may be of great help.

Write a list of the things you don’t like and the ones you must have 

It can be effective since it can help you arrive at what you don’t want. After that, you can consider writing other two lists of the things you desire to have and the ones you must have. From there, you can see what you will get depending on your budget.

Get a plumper 

The plumping renovation aspects are essential. You can remove, install, or replace any work with your bathroom sink, shower, or pipes. This service requires a licensed plumber or an insured one who can advise you on the size of the black mild steel pipes you will choose, for instance, a 3/4″ Pipe

Ensure your plumber has the essential credential and has no problem offering the service quotes and free repair on the product that may have issues after completion. You can consider sticking to your local plumber because you will not pay a lot.

Plan for a ventilation system 

It is vital to have proper ventilation in your bathroom, and if your previous bathroom doesn’t have it, then it’s time to choose one. Most ventilation fans are sold in the market as you are free to select any model that fits you and purchase it. For instance, the model features a motion sensor, overhead lighting, and even night lights. 

You can consult your designer about the size of your bathroom since the model should be based on your bathroom size ventilation fan. The capacity of the airflow fan is measured in cubic feet, and the recommended ratio can be one fcm for each square foot of the bathroom space. 

Choose the type of bathroom you want

There are different sizes and types of bathrooms, including the layouts. There are chances that you will probably not change the type of bathroom you want after remodelling is over. Although, it’s also a great idea to start by looking at the available option before setting your ideas in stone.

You can seek the help of an experienced interior designer to see the available possibilities you may have missed. An example is how you can turn your cramped half bath into a master suite by borrowing some space from your walk-in bathroom closet.

Think about the toilet roll holders and positioning towel rails

It’s good to consider the place you will put your towel rails and the position of your tissue holder because you may ideally want everything to be within easy reach. For instance, your towels need to be close to your shower edge, not forgetting a heater in case of a cold winter. On the other side, the toilet roll needs to be in a place you can reach when sitting. 

Focus on good lighting 

Lighting is the key when designing your bathroom. It would help if you did not forget about it because if you instantly recognize bad lighting in your bathroom, it can destroy the look of your bathroom space. But if you don’t opt for lightning, you can consider some dramatic tiles. You can either choose to have good natural lighting or artificial lighting.

Prepare your family a temporary place while the renovation is done

You may be having one bathroom in the house, which you may not be able to use during the renovation. So, it would help if you planned a temporary place where your needs will get taken care of. You can start by assessing the period your innovation will take, as it will help you plan how long the temporary bathroom will get used.

Look for designs that capture the eye

You may be remodelling a small space, for instance, a loft bathroom, and you can opt for designs that trick your eyes. For example, most homeowners tend to use a wall-hung vanity. It can make the bathroom space feel more considerable than how it is. You can add some textural interest with matt black hardware, enhancing the bathroom’s look. You can also opt for dramatic flair shower fixtures and maybe some white wall tiles to keep things bright and light.

Your tilling should make a significant difference

You can opt for patterned floor tiles since they add some interest to the simple scheme as it will also draw the other paint colours in the bathroom together. On the other hand, you can choose the Victorian style since it can help complement your traditional shower and bath. Also, having a simple metro tiling can give you a polished finished space and an illusion space that will not knock any walls down.

If you want colors in your bathroom, follow the 60-30-10 rule

This rule is a guide to help you if you’re using colors. 60% represents the primary color chosen, for instance, maybe some pure white tiles on the wall and perhaps some gazing on your bath sink. Your soft range colors can account for 30% as they are suitable for the cabinet and the floor. The other 10% can be your bold color or a punchy color. 


It would help if you did not assume the time your bathroom will remodel despite the size because it may not be the case. First, look at how many items you want to change in the bathroom, and your contractor will go through the same steps when it’s a large bathroom. Although planning here refers to duration definition or the work of renovation, some actions like purchasing the tiles and the time of fixing cabinets to make sure everything is in place is vital. Planning time can also help you if you have one bathroom and a big family because you will have to make arrangements where to shower while yours is being renovated.

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