Common errors to avoid when growing sativa seeds

Common errors to avoid when growing sativa seeds

Once you arm yourself with information about sativa strain, you can move ahead and start your growing journey. The sativa growing journey isn’t a walk in the park as it has multiple challenges to surmount. Many growers, especially beginners, commit numerous blunders on their sativa seeds growing journey. It’s therefore critical to know some of the common mistakes that growers make so that you avoid them. Remember, there is a lot to learn from other people’s mistakes.

Wrong PH

Once your cannabis sativa seeds germinate, you may start feeding them after a short time. However, many growers make a mistake by not checking the PH level of the growing medium. The PH level of your soil is essential because it determines how the plants will absorb nutrients. If you’re using soil, the perfect PH range for the cannabis plant is between 6.0 and 7.0. For hydroponics, the proper PH range is between 5.5 and 6.5.

Levels above or below the correct ranges may result in poor uptake of nutrients. And this means poor yields. Signals of a poor PH include leaves displaying a lack of nutrients, leaf discoloration, and many other deficiencies. You can only clear these issues if you correct the PH of your growing medium. And don’t forget to check the PH regularly to ensure that it’s within the acceptable range.

Wrong feeding of your plants

Some beginners in cannabis growing overfeed their plants to boost the weed’s health and yields. Too many nutrients may burn your plants and render them useless. Many nutrient suppliers include a search on how to feed your plants. So, it’s advisable to read it keenly and follow their instructions. Remember, you can have the suitable PH and plant excellent cannabis sativa seeds but fail to achieve your objective because of using the wrong feeding methods.

When you start feeding your plants, it’s critical to start with half of the recommended amount and increase gradually till you hit the correct level. Through this strategy, you can monitor how the plant behaves.


Some growers wrongly think that watering their plants can deliver the best results. Too much water can hinder the roots from accessing sufficient oxygen, making the plant take a droopy shape. The good thing about overwatered plants is that you rectify the issue and restore them if you adopt the proper practices. You can get rid of the problem of overwatering by avoiding irrigating your plants frequently and using the right amount of water each time. Some of the strategies you can use to water your plants properly include:

  • Soil: irrigate the plants once the ground feels dry or when the container is light.
  • Coco coir: try to irrigate the plants after every two days. Avoid waiting for the medium to dry up.

Poor Genes

Some growers don’t give much about the genes of the strains they want to grow. If you don’t use high-quality seeds, your cannabis growing efforts may turn to zero. Always shop around for the best seeds from reputable supplies, like  who are experts in the field. Suppose you buy seeds from a questionable supplier offering sativa seeds for sale. In that case, you may end up planting duds, males, or runts.

While looking for companies offering sativa seeds for sale, ensure that you read the previous clients’ reviews, assess the content on their website, and evaluate whether they’ve got a reimbursement policy.

If you’re starting with clones, you must take extra caution to avoid getting bugs. Before buying the clones, examine them keenly and know the seller well.

Lack of sufficient brilliance

Your sativa plants require enough light to enable them to stretch and make food. Some growers use inappropriate lighting solutions and end up denying the plants sufficient illumination. And this results in poor harvests. During the vegetative stage, your plants require enough light to enable them to create large buds. With a little more investment in LED lights, you can supply your plants with appropriate lights that can boost their health and yields.

Ignoring Privacy

Although weed is now legal in the US and a few other countries, it’s critical to ensure that you conceal your plants from the glare of the public. Remember, malicious individuals may break into your premises and steal your plants if you don’t hide them well. Furthermore, weed still has a stigma attached to it, and you may want to maintain your privacy status.

Harvesting your crops before maturity

Marijuana growing requires patience, but some growers commit an error when they harvest their crops before the right time. When you harvest your weed before the right time, you reduce its power and its tremendous impacts.


While you anticipate a bountiful harvest from your sativa seed you may not achieve your aim if you commit the above-explained blunders. Luckily, we have offered you the best tips on avoiding the errors to realize your dream.

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