A quick guide to Dating while Disabled

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For a long time, dating while disabled was something I tried to ignore. Living with IBS and Fibromyalgia became a delicate dance of deception when dating. I would self-medicate to try and get through the date, if things got intimate, I would lay in discomfort and nip to the loo while my date slept.

Seriously, I learnt some sneaky ways to try and avoid awkward conversations about my health.

Two young women are sat in a cafe. One of the women has down syndrome.

But; for people living with visible disabilities, no amount of sneaky trips to the loo and medication can hide the traits of their condition, nor, in this day and age should anyone have to either.

If this is something you’re facing, fear not, the internet is here to guide you through dating while disabled. There are some great resources out there for your specific disability, from amputee dating to deaf dating – you can access websites and resources like YouTube and connect with people who understand the ins and outs of dating with a disability.

Getting a Date

You might be wondering how to get a date in the first place. Like most of us, online seems to be where it’s at nowadays. And although there are a wealth of dating sites out there, you might feel more comfortable on a specialist site.

Free for all dating sites can feel a little daunting, how do you broach the subject?

“Hey cute pic, by the way, I’m disabled”

I guess that’s the beauty of registering on a specialist disabled dating website – you have a captive, open audience. Like-minded folk who won’t be judgemental or have out-dated preconceptions.

A black man holds a glass of wine while on an online date with laptop

Getting it right…

The Single Disabled YouTube channel is a great resource if you’re looking for date night ideas, or perhaps you’re navigating a new relationship and would like to point your date in the right direction.

It might seem obvious, but if your date hasn’t hooked up with someone with a disability before, they might need some pointers on how to approach the date. Don’t be afraid to make it absolutely clear what your needs are. From accessibility to dietary restrictions, you want things to go smoothly (well, as smoothly as any first date goes haha!) so remember to be clear about your expectations and requirements.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

Dating is HARD. I know that I for one used to place a whole world of expectations on the date, the outcome and myself. Urgh. Trust me, this is not the way to go.

Try and approach the experience with a care-free, expectation-free attitude. So what if it is a disaster? Chalk it up to experience. Had an amazing time? Great, let’s see where this goes.

One of the best ways to have a more relaxed first date is ‘going casual’. And I mean that in every sense. Choose somewhere relaxed, even fun. If you love bowling, head to the bowling alley. Love just grabbing a pizza and chilling? Do that.

It also means you can dress in a relaxed way too. There is nothing worse than thinking you have to get all dolled up. Keeping it casual in every way means you can wear an outfit you feel comfortable in too, and what a relief that is. It certainly takes the pressure off I think.

I could probably go on for ages, but hope I’ve given you some pointers on approaching the dating world and how to access some great resources for dating while disabled.

And don’t forget, be you! You’re fantastic!

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