Style: H&M Plus Pleather Trousers – 3 ways!

Hello! Pleather, faux leather, PU (?) trousers… Whatever you call them, they’re are back for AW20 with a vengeance. The last time I wore pleather trouser was back in the early 2000s; In a former life I was in a duo, we’d perform in the pubs and clubs of the north singing crowd pleasing, cheesy tunes in between the bingo and meat raffle (I shit you not).

One such gig was in a seaside town called Sutton-on-Sea, where I caused quite the ruckus in my tight pleather trousers. As a not so shy and retiring, size 28, busty lady, the folk of Sutton-on-Sea didn’t quite know what had hit them! Anyway, I digress. Onto the looks…

Look One – Pleather Trousers Evening Style

Becky wears a loose shirt and pleather trousers.

This oversized, peekaboo shirt look is everywhere at the moment. I wanted to give it a try to see if I could pull it off without looking like I just can’t dress myself properly. I *think* I’ve achieved it, but how annoying it would get on a night out, I don’t know. I feel like I’d be constantly straightening myself out haha!!

Look Two – Pleather Trousers Work Style

Becky wears a blazer and striped tee with pleather trousers

Now, I’m not sure I would have got away with pleather trousers when I worked in the NHS, but as a freelancer, working in the media, I definitely think this look is more than acceptable. I love the contrast of the rock n roll trousers with the more tailored jacket.

Look Three – Pleather Trousers casual style

Becky wears pleather trousers and a chunky camel coloured jumper

This look is definitely well within my comfort zone. I think the combination of a luxury style fabric against a chunky jumper is peak autumn vibes. See also: satin skirts and chunky jumpers.

These trousers are so versatile, they’re going to look amazing with hoodies, oversized tee’s or dressed up with vest tops, off the shoulder jumpers… the possibilities are endless to be honest.

I bought these ones from H&M+ who I am loving at the moment, you can read my blog post about this here. I’m a 22/24 and I generally wear the 2XL for reference. You can shop this style here (Affiliate Link)

Will you be giving pleather trousers a try? So far I’m not too sweaty, so that’s a bonus!!!