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This post is a collaboration with Mobility Plus.

In the not-so-distant past, multigenerational living was not out of the ordinary. Many households had at least three generations living in them. With house prices rising and families looking for more flexible ways of living, multigenerational living is becoming ‘a thing’ again. It’s definitely something Scott and I have considered. And when considering living with old bids (sorry mum and dad) – There is a lot to think about. One aspect being accessibility. Which is why it was really great to speak to Mobility Plus about their products.


Me and the ‘bids’


Accessibility in the Home

The range at Mobility Plus is made up of a fantastic selection of walk-in baths and walk-in showers. I’ll be quite honest, at first, when you hear the words ‘accessible’ and walk-in baths, it doesn’t really give you a sense of a beautiful aesthetically pleasing interiors. But having looked through the range I was really surprised with the range and how great they actually look. As a bath-loather myself, it’s a piece of interior design I’m always looking to lose – but I really do like the idea of these nifty little walk in ones!

Making your bathroom Grandparent friendly

My parents themselves have already had a walk-in shower fitted in their bathroom and mum says it has been a lifesaver. She has arthritis in her spine, and although she can still get about, she is finding it increasingly difficult to get in and out of regular showers and you can forget about a standard bath. And with dad having recently had a replacement knee fitted, it really has been vital for them.

I know if my parents, or Scott’s mum ever came to live with us, it would have to be one of the first things we did to the house. Being able to to go to the bathroom independently is vital for the elderly and anyone with mobility issues. It maintains a sense of dignity and independence for them.


There are lots of additional things you can do to improve the accessibility of your home and bathroom too. Installing grab rails, anti-slip mats and a shower seat for example.


If you or a family member need advice on making your bathroom more accessible, the folk at Mobility Plus are on hand to answer your queries.




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