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Hey all, or should I say “Ola!” – it’s been a couple of weeks since Scott and I got back from our trip to Menorca. So I thought I ought to share some of my holiday style essentials with you. Those who follow me on social media will have seen some snaps from our week in the sun. And despite me being ill the whole time, we had such a relaxing, gorgeous week.
This was the first time I had travelled abroad with only hand luggage, so I was a little nervous about what to pack and what not to pack. I consulted my travel guru Em who told me it was all about the shoes – travel in trainers and pack one daytime shoe and one evening shoe. Which is what I did. And sound advice it was.
Gratuitous scenery shot
Further to this, I decided, to avoid any massive style disasters I would stick to a monochromatic wardrobe so I could swap and match pieces with ease. Which, on paper, sounds like a great idea. Needless to say, for someone who loves mixing it up – style-wise,  it got a little bit boring and depressing by the end of the week.
Wardrobe lacking in colour? Find a bright wall instead.
Dress [Gifted] – Yoek
BUT for those of you who want ease of packing, no headaches and a low maintenance holiday wardrobe, it really was fuss free AF. And I can definitely recommend picking a tonal colour palette for for easy peasy packing.
I wanted to share a couple of my triumphs though. Firstly, footwear. I usually stick to my faithful Crocs – NO not those sort – but their basic flip flop. I fancied a change though and as a Birkenstock fan also, I wanted to give their lightweight eva style range a go. Believe me, on the first day I was cursing them and looking for crocs stockists in Menorca, but with a little adjustment, wearing in and some help from my Ivyvedure chaffing stick(V good for the old chub rub too), I was good to go. By the second day they were like a second skin thankfully.
Birkenstock Eva – ASOS [Affiliate Link]
My second holiday style must-have was this ASOS trapeze dress. Honestly, I just felt so chic in it and wore it for both day time and evening. It’s incredibly generous so feel free to size down at least once (I didn’t but you totally could).
ASOS Trapeze Dress [Affiliate Link]
Toiletries-wise I took a couple of smaller bits in my bag (there’s a 100ml liquid limit in the UK on hand luggage) and we bought sun cream from the Superdrug at the airport once we’d got through security. I’m glad we did to be honest as, Menorca, beautiful as it is, on the whole, is not that cheap.
I’d love to hear your top tips for economical packing. I’m hoping to dramatically up my travel game this year both personally and here on the blog. So watch this space.
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