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I love a greetings card, not just for special occasions but for ‘just because’. They are little pieces of art and never more so than these laser cut cards that the wonderful folk at Pogofandango sent me. With International Women’s Day just passed, and Mother’s Day at the end of the month, I thought these two cards were great for celebrating the women in our life. 

Mother Figures Day

I always think a lot about Mother’s Day posts on the blog, I know for a lot of people, the day is not easy, and the barrage of advertising can be incredibly hard going. But I’d like to think of the day as a celebration of the mother figures in our lives, not necessarily by birth, but those strong women who have raised us, supported us and nurtured us. 
So to celebrate that I’ve got two beautiful cards, one a traditional ‘mum’ card and a card for the power gals in our lives. 

Creative Women

These super beautiful cards are laser cut so they’re super intricate and so prettily delicate. I love that they are produced by a small team of women, working to create wonderful things. And that with these specific cards we get to pass them onto other wonderful women. 

Pieces of Art

What’s so fantastic about these cards is that they really are little pieces of art and completely frame-worthy. So not only are you going to brighten someone’s day, these will go on to do that for years to come! 
Pogofandango have a range of cards for every occasion and is if that’s not enough, you can create bespoke cards too. The quality and design are just so special, and delivery is super quick. So if you’re looking for something a bit different, these beautiful keepsakes are just the ticket. 
**The items in this post were sent for review. All opinions and words are my own**