Travel: Planning a Last Minute Family Break

British weather has certainly kept most of us guessing this year and there were times home almost felt like being in Spain, minus the cocktail and calamari, but with Autumn approaching and before Poppy goes back to school I’ve been looking at the possibility of us sneaking in a quick break away to take full advantage of the sun abroad.
Picture: Playa de Muro
As a single parent, and like most of us, that means working to a budget and making this last minute Majorca holiday 2018 work for me so I come back rested and not worrying about the credit card bill. 

I’ve been to Majorca a number of times, including by myself once before any of us had ever heard the term solo yolo and I spent my time round the pool with a book and as much as I would have liked to have my own holiday romance, the closet I got was a nice Scottish chap who offered to rub sun cream on my back! I also did my first girls holiday in Majorca, seven 17 year olds without parental supervision… I’ll leave that to your imagination.  
Majorca ’97 – look how innocent we look!
It’s a happy place for me, with lots of memories and I want it to make new ones with Pops too now – albeit less debauched and more family friendly! 

Making the most of your Money…


It’s tempting to bring dozens of outfits and a big suitcase but if you spend a little time outfit planning in advance you can save money by just taking your hand luggage and while everyone knows about putting socks in your shoes if you bag up your toiletries, which are usually bigger than socks and pants, and place those inside that’s a real space saver. 

Airport Prep

It’s all too easy to get Poppy (and me, who am I kidding?)  a few treats at the airport or even on the plane, but they charge so much. So I like to do a small shop a few days before so we can have our favourite bits. I get myself a magazine and Pops an activity book and meaning more money to spend when we get there. 

Entertainment is Key

I know I said about packing light, but for me if Poppy is entertained she doesn’t seem to think too much about souvenirs as much, so taking a few of her toys/books and tablet with us keeps her happy on the flight and while we’re out there. 

Shop Local

Finding a little supermarket once you’re over there also means you don’t have to buy every single drink and snack in tourist shops with a bigger markup. We still like to eat out and enjoy our holiday but it’s the small things that add up. 

Making Memories

One thing I like to do after each holiday is have a little photobook made up. There’s a lot of companies that offer free prints or free photo albums for the cost of postage because as nice as digital is sometimes the old fashioned photo in your hand means a lot and I want to give Pops her own holiday album to keep.

Are you hoping to get away this year? I’d love to hear your top tips! 

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