Style: You are Adored with Figleaves Curve

Hello all! It’s time for another pants parade, and it’s a racy lacy affair. The Adore from Figleaves Curve is particularly delicious, the scalloped edging, the rich navy, it’s a complete beauty. 
Although underwired, it has a bralette feel to it, and it’s really very comfortable. the short style briefs are incredibly generous, they were out of stock in my size so I went for an 18 and they fit comfortably! 

It’s so exciting to see more relaxed, romantic pieces in plus size. I mean I get why, supportive, structural underwear is so important, but fun and flirty is important too. This set is understated sexy, which is so rare in plus. 

I also have some gorgeous Figleaves swimwear coming up which I’ll share when I’m back from my hols! Hope you all had a fab weekend, it’s half term so all you parents out there have my sympathy haha!