Style: Lost Ink Curve.

Howdy! So straight in with today’s post! I discovered Lost Ink Curve while mooching on the House of Fraser website last year and I fell in love with several of their pieces! This frilly denim shirt being one. 

I think I’ve got about five denim shirts, but each one has it’s own cute style and this one is no exception! I love the frill detail and the fabric has some stretch to it so the movement in it is lovely. Now I feel I must point out that due to my ongoing pain issues, I haven’t been able to wear a proper bra for ages, let alone do one up, so my boobs probably don’t look the best in a fitted shirt, but I’m past the point of caring now haha! I need to focus on what is comfortable for me!! 

I completed my outfit with this fab longline bomber from Pink Clove, treggings and chunky boots. And later on a beautiful chest full on sugar from the hot donuts I ate, classy. 

Have you discovered any new plus brands lately? Any of the regular ones really doing it for you?