Give us this day, our Daily Boost…

So you know the whole bra debacle is on-going, I’m still giving bras a chance, but depending on my mood and pain levels I will still gladly pop on my crop top for comfort and ease. But… I do feel like I’m making some progress on the bra front. The Chichi from the Panache Sculptresse range I reviewed the other week is amazing, it’s so comfy and I love the shape it gives me, but it now has an equal contender, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Curvy Kate, Daily Boost!
I’ve heard so many people rave about the Daily Boost but it wasn’t until I was fitted at Plus North that I realised how blooming fantastic it was! The lightly padded cups give you a much need boots and the soft seamless design make it perfect for wearing every day under tshirts, dresses and the like. 
The Curvy Kate girls were amazing and the beautiful Laura looked after me and boobs like the pro she is. After carrying out a comprehensive fitting session, we also discovered that part of my bra problem is that I wear the back a little too low. I kept getting major rollage every time I moved and subsequently it would dig in causing me pain. I couldn’t figure out why it was doing it, but with just a little lift at the side, positioning my bra band slightly higher it has solved the problem! Genius!
I cannot emphasise the fact enough, go and get fitted, get fitted by someone who knows what they’re doing. If you can get to an event where a big brand like Curvy Kate or Panache for example are doing fittings then take advantage of it, I’ve also found the big department stores like Debenhams and House of Fraser have a good service. I have, however, heard on the grapevine to avoid M&S like the plague and if anyone uses the +4 method then get the hell out of there as fast as your legs will carry you. 
And just a final note, make sure you’re putting yourself into your bra properly, sweep your boobs right into those cups, do a little forward shimmy, make sure your straps are secure and tightened correctly and that your band is parallel to the floor. It makes the world of difference. 
For more tips and information on fitting this video is fab!
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** This bra was sent to me as gift by the lovely folk at Curvy Kate, I’m a lucky gal, but I’m also an honest one. So you can trust in me that my opinions and indeed words,  are all my own and 100% honest**