Style: Outfit Round Up – Dec 17

The month and yes, year are nearly over. So I thought I’d do a little outfit round-up for you as I’d had lots of queries on instagram about some of my new bits and its not always easy to link on there! 
I actually really struggle in winter, I never know what to wear, I always feel like I lose a bit of my style mojo. I’m definitely more of a Spring/Summer kinda gal. 
Shop the Outfit: Star Dress – H&M // Roll Neck Jumper – Yours Clothing // Jeans – New Look

Where items have sold out, I’ve tried to find alternatives, and a lot of sites will offer alternatives too if they’re showing up as sold out. 

Shop the Look: Teddy Coat – Similar // Jumper – Monki // Jeans – Similar

Shop the Outfit: Jumpsuit – ASOS // Trainers – Nike

Shop the Outfit: Dress – Monki // Jacket – ASOS // Handbag – Cath Kidston
As you can see, towards the end of the month, I favoured the old standard dress and biker jacket look. It’s just so easy to wear and looks so stylish. You can layer it up with scarves or roll necks under the dress to add extra warmth if you need it. 
Shop the Look: Top – New Look // Leggings – Tu Clothing // Jacket – In the Style Curve 

Shop the Look: Dress – Similar // Jacket – ASOS

 Alex actually bought me a new biker jacket for Christmas as my old one wasn’t leather and it was wearing away at the elbows. I think if you get a lot of wear out of something, it’s definitely worth investing in a  good quality version. Obviously if you’re vegan, this isn’t an option, but you can get them cheap enough that you could re-buy every couple of years.

Shop the Look: Jumper – Similar // Wide Leg Trousers – Similar
I’m also the same with footwear. I know I’ll get a tonne of use out of my favourite adidas superstar trainers, so I don’t mind the £60+ price tag. As long as you look after them, wear socks with them (which I’m guilty of not doing!) then you’ll get years of wear out of them. I also like to get my winter boots from Clarks, although I’m happy to pick up leather boots from anywhere, especially when there’s a sale on. I got some leather biker boots from New Look about 4 years ago now and they’re my go-to bad weather boots. Great chunky sole, the leather protects me from the elements and the come up way past the ankle for extra wether proofing. 
Shop the Outfit: Dress – ASOS // Jacket – ASOS // Trainers – Adidas


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